Commercial Triaxial Testing

The Triaxial Automated System (GDSTAS) is a load frame based system where the loading is (generally) via feedback from a velocity controlled load frame. The system can be configured using our Enterprise, Standard or Advanced level controllers.  This is one of the most configurable systems in the GDS range. By choosing the load frame range, the pressure controller range and the Triaxial cell range appropriately, the system may be configured for soft soils right up to a high pressure rock testing system. The lower range is the system for choice for commercial laboratories, with the upper range the system of choice for rock mechanics laboratories.

The Enterprise Level Dynamic System (ELDYN) is GDS’s entry level device for dynamic triaxial testing. Generally considered to be far superior to pneumatically actuated systems, this electromechanically actuated system is designed to compete with low cost pneumatic systems directly on price, whilst being superior on performance. This is the system of choice for teaching establishments and commercial testing.

The Dynamic Triaxial Testing System (DYNTTS) is the top level device in the GDS dynamic triaxial system range. This advanced range of dynamic systems is the most flexible in configuration, and the no-compromise approach in terms of accuracy, stability and features. This is the system of choice for advanced commercial testing and research.

Other triaxial testing systems available from GDS Instruments include:-

White Papers

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