Virtual Infinite Stiffness Load Frames

Product Code : GDSVIS

The GDS Virtual Infinite Stiffness loading system (GDSVIS) is the premier load frame in the GDS range with load capacities of 100kN, 250kN, 400kN and 500kN.

The GDSVIS load frames are designed to be stiffer than classical loading frames. This is to allow more accurate testing of stiffer samples with less equipment compliance. Furthermore each GDSVIS is internally calibrated to allow automatic self-compensation for any remaining compliance. This type of frame is exclusive to GDS.

Further Information:

Key features Benefits to the user
Load-deformation relationship: The GDSVIS is calibrated to provide precise data on the load-deformation relationship of the entire load application and load measuring system, which is then automatically used for self compensation.
Built in feedback: All VIS frames have feedback control and continuous display of axial load and platen displacement to allow simple and confident control of force and displacement.
Automatic correction: VIS provides automatic correction for system compliance, a common cause of error, which can under-estimate results of sample stiffness.
Column strength: The 500kN load frame has been built with 4 columns for extra strength and rigidity and can hold a cell size with a 700mm outer cell diameter.
Electro-mechanical actuators that give superior performance, reduce space and provide cost savings: Electro-mechanical actuators can carry out tests with greater accuracies than comparable pneumatic actuators. Mains powered means no external noisy power packs and opposed to pneumatic systems electro-mechanical systems draw only the power that is required. 
Standalone Control: The GDSVIS load frame can be controlled via the keypad in terms of load or displacement with no requirements for a data logger or control PC and software.
Mechanical upper beam lift as standard: Lead screw based lift system for the upper beam. Which, eases movement and positioning of the cross beam.
Advanced Trajectory generation: Ensures smooth transition between current trajectory and a new target trajectory.

Computer Interface



Nominal Size: 2.3m x 1.0m x 0.96m

Displacement Accuracy

0.05% of full range

Displacement Range


Load Range (kN)

100, 250, 400, 500


92-265 VAC, 48-62Hz, 650-2000W single phase earthed supply

Pressure Range (MPa)

2, 3.5, 4, 20, 64

Resolution of Measurement and Control

<0.1% full range, displacement = 0.1micrometre

Sample Sizes

38, 50, 54, 70, 76, 100, 150mm

  • Hall Effect local Strain.
  • LVDT Local Strain.
  • Unsaturated Testing.
  • Triaxial Testing.
  • Loadcells, including submersible versions.