Below are a selection of testimonials from our customers.

..."I have had personal experience of the "passion for technical support" and concur I have had exceptionally good consistent technical support for all of the GDS products that I have purchased over the last 15 years the support we get is without equal."

..."I must congratulate you and the GDS team for the thought and the practicality of the Design of the Oedometer Frame.I have now run 10 oedometer tests and the Software and the ease of running these tests has NEVER BEEN BETTER"

..."That is fantastic news!!  Thank you so much for your attention and speedy service; I have been thrilled with the support I have received from GDS and will pass on my feedback to the university."

..."First of all, I and professor Kyriazis Pitilakis, as well as, Costas Senetakis and Argiro Souli from our Lab would like to thank you personally for your outstanding support, control, demonstration and training of the ELDYN.  Working more than 12 hours per day with you and with Orestis (NEOTEK) we learnt a lot and we are all grateful for your efforts and dedications. It truly made a difference! Thank you very much!"

..."I have been dealing with GDS Instruments for more than 10 years in the UK and Canada. During my dealings with the company they have been highly professional, providing excellent service and products. We have compared the products and service from a number of other vendors as part of our purchasing procedures, using a range of metrics and GDS consistently out perform their competitors. Their maintenance procedures and after sales service are also excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending GDS Instruments for soil testing instrumentation and apparatus."


..."I have had an exceptional experience with GDS. I was hired in 2003 to bring a geotechnical lab back to life after 5 years of inactivity. Through the unbelievable technical support and because of the the quality of GDS's products the original advanced triaxial system purchased in 1989 is working without a problem. I continue to use GDS and have confidence that their products will provide me with high quality data. The service and products provided by GDS are simply second to none."

..."Your technical support has been exceptional, rapid, detailed, and on target, even for a small customer like me. Please feel free to pass along my contact information to whomever you wish."


..."I have used GDS’s LVDT (Local Strain Transducers) system to study Chicago clay samples for the past three years at Northwestern. The LVDT system allowed me to measure the strains directly on my test specimen. By using it, I could minimize uncertainties in interpretation from apparatus compliance, tilting of the specimen and the imperfect platen-sample bedding. Furthermore, the accuracy, precision and resolution level of the device are one of the major factors in my successful research. I can recommend GDS’s LVDT as a reliable internal measurement device. Kim, Taesik Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Northwestern University"


..."I must say that I have had an excellent experience with GDS. All of your staff have been extremely helpful and responsive to all of my requests. When I originally purchased the Bender Element accessories, the GDS staff did an excellent job in providing shop drawings and manuals to be used in modifying my existing triaxial system. I will certainly be using GDS again in the future. Thank you for your past assistance."


..."My first purchase was based on reference from a colleague; since then I have continued to purchase from GDS because, mainly, of the attention to detail and flexibility in system design, as well as tailored customer service for hardware and software."

..."I wish all instrument companies I dealt with were as responsive and capable as GDS."


..."From interviews and information given by representatives from the companies and references given within the quotations it is clear that GDS has excellent knowledge and support for this type of advanced triaxial system, and is clearly superior in this respect to ###." 


..."I am very happy to provide a reference. You guys are *stars*! I am a minor GDS customer, but you have always been extremely supportive, knowledgeable, and speedy in helping me with questions."

..."FYI - we are currently testing more samples in our GDS-based system, this will be the 5th student to do a thesis using your equipment in my lab."

..."Thanks very much for the information. The support and service from GDS is excellent and very much appreciated."


..."I would very much like to stay in touch as I am sure we can do business again.  I am always impressed with the professionalism of the team at GDS".


..."I would like to thank you for the outstanding service regarding to the pressure-volume controller."


..."I will happily confirm the quality and function of the equipment, as well as prompt and very professional support!."


..."Thank you very much, and I am certainly pleased to be doing business with GDS Instruments"


..."Thank you for your kind offer to the GDS open day. I am very familiar with your range of instruments and the excellent service that GDS offers, and hope to enjoy a longstanding relationship with your company in the future."


..."One of the best things I did in my life was to buy this equipment!  It is so easy to work with you (GDS) and with your equipments."

..."GDS produces excellent equipment and I truly have had a wonderful experience in working with you folks."