Triaxial Testing System (Automated Stress Path type)

Product Code : GDSTTS

The GDS Triaxial Testing System (GDSTTS) is a fully automated triaxial testing system designed principally for stress path testing.

The GDSTTS is based on the classic Bishop & Wesley type stress path triaxial cell which controls stress directly on the sample.  The system can be configured using Enterprise, Standard or Advanced level controllers. The  38/50mm cell is for up to 7kN axial force, with the larger 70/100mm cell up to 25kN. This is the system of choice for teaching laboratories and researchers.

Further Information:

Key features Benefits to the user
Each system may be configured exactly to the customer’s specification and budget: Users can choose the transducers, pressure controllers, triaxial cell or just parts to integrate into existing equipment to build their ideal set-up.
Direct actuation of axial stress through the hydraulically controlled ram in the base of each cell: The Bishop and Wesley cell is designed specifically for stress path testing. Direct axial stress application means greater accuracy for stress control. 
GDSTTS can run advanced tests: Tests such as stress paths, slow cyclic and K0, all under PC control.
Standard through to advanced configurations: GDS provide advanced (ADVTTS) systems with all the features of the standard systems but with higher accuracies and resolution.
May be upgraded at any time:
Additional transducers, software modules, bender element testing and unsaturated testing makes the system future proof.
Accuracy of Pressure Measurement
Standard Set-up (STDTTS) <0.15% full range, Advanced Set-up (ADVTTS) <0.1% full range
Accuracy of Volume Measurement

Standard Set-up (STDTTS) 0.25% measured value , Advanced Set-up (ADVTTS) <0.1% measured value

Load Range (kN)

7 or 25 (2MPa), 100 (10MPa)

Pressure Range (MPa)

2, 10

Resolution of Pressure Measurement

Standard Set-up (STDTTS): 1kPa, Advanced Set-up (ADVTTS): 0.1kPa

Sample Sizes

38, 39.1, 50, 61.8, 70, 100, 101mm

  • Bender Element System (Vertical, Horizontal, S and P waves)
  • Hall Effect local Strain
  • LVDT Local Strain
  • Unsaturated Testing