Commercial Consolidation Testing

The GDS Consolidation Testing System (CTS) is a state-of-the-art, fully-automated consolidation testing system designed for soil. GDSCTS can run classic tests such as step loading to more advanced tests such as automated testing rate by controlled hydraulic gradient or cyclic loading, all under PC control. More commonly seen in University laboratories for teaching or research.

The GDS Consolidation Constant Rate of Strain cell (CRS) is designed primarily for advanced testing laboratories who want to rescue the time required to complete a consolidation test. The CRS cell fits neatly into your load frame in place of the Triaxial cell.

The Automated Oedometer System (GDSAOS) – has been designed with the commercial market in mind. It replaces the traditional hanging weight oedometer, with is a self contained stepper motor driven unit that can be controlled using its smart keypad or via a PC using the USB interface. The small footprint reduces the bench space required and the GDSLAB data acquisition software allows the device to complete an array of tests beyond which a hanging weight oedometer can perform.