Government - Capability Statement (US Federal Contracts)

Capability Statement - Founded in 1979 Global Digital Systems Ltd (Operating name GDS Instruments) designs, develops and manufactures materials testing machines and software used for the computer-controlled testing of soils and rocks. This technology is used to evaluate the mechanical properties that are key in geotechnical and earthquake engineering design. In 2011 GDS were awarded the coveted Queens Award for “Enterprise in International Trade”.

Jo Hatherley, 

Gov. Business POC, 

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NAICS, PSC & Class Codes (For Full class code descriptions please contact us direct)



334515Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals
Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
Product & Service Codes
3710Soil Preparation Equipment
6655Geophysical Instruments  
Pressure, Temperature and Humidity Measuring and Controlling Instruments  
B532Special Studies/Analysis-Soil
H266Equipment and Materials Testing Instruments and Laboratory Equipment
H270Equipment and Materials Testing, Automatic Data Processing Equipment (Including Firmware) Software, Supplies and Support Equipment.
N066Installation of Equipment, Instruments and Laboratory Equipment.

Past Performance

Bureau of Reclamation

4 Total Contracting Actions.

Sentel Corporation (Dept of the Army)

3 Total Contracting Actions.

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