Commercial Shearbox Testing

The GDS Shearbase System (GDSSS) is an electromechanical shear testing device that comes in two options, a simple shear or direct shear apparatus. With the simple shear options, the device is for samples up to 100mm round. The benefit of this apparatus is that it can be upgraded to perform both simple or direct shear tests. This can take place at the time of build or at a later date.

The GDS Electromechanical Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear Device (EMDCSS) is for simple shear testing only.  It is capable of carrying out dynamic cyclic tests from small strain (.05% shear strain amplitude) to large strain (10% shear strain amplitude), as well as extremely accurate quasi-static testing.  This is the choice for a no-compromise simple shear machine with the greatest range of testing capability.  The perfect choice for advanced commercial testing or academic research.

Shearbox Upgrade (GDSADS). GDSADS stands for Automated Direct Shear, and allows existing shearboxes from other manufacturers to be upgraded to be automated. Many shearboxes from other manufacturers can be controlled by the GDSLAB software and so full automation may be achieved with the addition of GDSLAB and transducers.

The GDS Large Automated Direct Shear System (GDSLADS) is an electromechanical direct shear testing device for large samples, up to 300mm square or round.

Other shear testing systems include the Back Pressure Shear (BPS) system which are both popular with research institutes.