Triaxial Automated System

Product Code : GDSTAS

The GDS Triaxial Automated System (GDSTAS) is a load frame-based triaxial testing system. The system is configured by choosing from a range of load frames, triaxial cells, pressure controllers and software.

The system can be configured as a multi-station commercial testing apparatus right through to high load rock testing at research level. If an existing system requires upgrading, parts of the GDSTAS system can be incorporated with existing equipment, including those from some other manufacturers). For extended sales information on the GDSTAS click here.

Further Information:
Key features Benefits to the user
Each system may be configured exactly to the customer’s specification and budget: The user can choose the load frame, pressure controllers, triaxial cell or just parts to integrate into existing equipment to build their ideal TAS set-up to match budget to requirement.
Automated software control: The software directly controls the cell & back pressure, testing rate, in addition to managing all data acquisition. Automated control allows tests to proceed continuously and increases the throughput of tests.
Interchangeable range of load cells: Enables the user to run tests on soils of different stiffness and match the load transducers accordingly, giving greater accuracy of results.
Submersible load cells are standard: Seal friction does not affect load readings.
Standard set-ups available (ELTAS, STDTAS, ADVTAS, HPTAS): GDS has a range of standard GDSTAS set-ups to help the user identify the correct set-up. The set-ups based on the pressure the systems will run to. See technical specifications below for system information.
Compatible with other manufacturers products: If a user has existing components they may incorporate them with GDS equipment to create a system, saving capital expenditure.
Computer Interface


Load Range (kN)

10, 50, 64, 128, 256, 500, 1000

Pressure Range (MPa)

2, 3.5, 4, 20, 64

Sample Sizes

38, 39.1, 50, 54, 61.8, 63.5, 70, 75, 76, 80, 100, 101, 150, 300mm

  • Bender Element System (Vertical, Horizontal, S and P waves)
  • Hall Effect local Strain
  • LVDT Local Strain
  • Unsaturated Testing
  • Consolidation test equipment.