GDS Large Diameter Cyclic Triaxial Testing System

Product Code : LDCTTS

The GDS Large Diameter Cyclic Triaxial Testing System (LDCTTS) is a hydraulically actuated loading frame, with a large diameter triaxial cell suitable for testing samples with large particle sizes such as railway ballast. The system is capable of both monotonic (static) and dynamic triaxial tests as well as other advanced triaxial tests usually expected from a GDS system.
Key features Benefits to the user
Flexible system capacity: Specimen size, load and pressures can be selected to suit specification and budget.
Interchangeable (internal submersible) load cells: Load cells to accommodate very soft to very stiff soils with ranges of 8, 16, 25, 32, 64, 128 and 250kN are available. The load frame is supplied with an external load cell to match the model maximum load range of 250kN.
GDSDCS (dynamic control system): For data acquisition and control, 8 channels of expandable accurate high speed acquisition and control.
Direct closed-loop dynamic control of axial displacement or axial force to 10Hz, sinusoidal, triangular or user defined waveform: Accurate and flexible control options.
Axial Force Accuracy

<0.1% of load cell range (i.e. 10N for 100kN load cell)

Axial Force Accuracy

16bit (i.e. <0.4N for 10kN load cell, <1.5N for 40kN load cell)

Displacement Accuracy

<0.15% (i.e. <0.15mm)

Displacement Range


Displacement Resolution

16bit (i.e. <3µm)

Load Range (kN)


Operating Frequency (Hz)

0 to 10Hz

Sample Sizes

300mm x 600mm

  • Volume Measurement by HKUST.
  • Bender Element System (Vertical, Horizontal, S and P waves).
  • Hall Effect local Strain.
  • LVDT Local Strain.
  • Unsaturated Testing.