GDS Bender Element System

Product Code : GDSBES

The GDS Bender Element System (GDSBES) enables measurement of the maximum shear modulus of a soil at small strains.

The GDS system is unique in that it is a turn-key system that has been designed to make bender element testing reliable and easy to perform.  The GDSBES system can be added as an option to most GDS systems, as well as systems from other manufacturers. To date GDS have installed bender elements in triaxial, consolidation, simple shear, resonant column, core holders and many other systems manufactured by GDS and other manufacturers. Need advice choosing the right transducer, view our options table here. To download a FREE bender elements analysis tool for you results, click here.

Further Information:

Key features Benefits to the user
USB interface: Allows the system to be swapped to any PC in the lab with a USB interface.
Titanium element inserts: Reduces the weight of the top-cap.
Utilising existing products: Pedestals and top-caps can be made for other manufacturers cells as well as GDS cells.
The GDS Bender elements are bonded into a standard insert: This method of manufacture has 2 advantages, it makes the bender element insert a modular device that can then be easily fitted into a suitably modified pedestal/top-cap. Should an element fail, it is simple and quick to replace the complete insert.
2 Mega Samples/Second Data Acquisition: High speed data acquisition is essential as the sample interval provides the resolution for determining wave speeds.
Elements are manufactured to allow 
S and P wave testing to be performed:
Determining S & P wave velocities allows more specimen parameters to be determined.
Vertical and horizontal elements are available as standard: Specimen anisotropy can be studied.
Computer Interface


Pressure Range (MPa)


Sample Sizes

up to 300mm

  • Pedestals for unsaturated testing and bender elements (i.e. with bonded high air entry porous disc).
  • Horizontal bender elements.

GDS Bender Element Analysis Tool:

The subjectivity and lack of satisfactory standards for interpreting shear wave travel times across the industry from bender element test data, has led GDS to develop a bender elements analysis tool. The tool allows the rapid, automated analysis of bender element tests to objectively estimate the shear wave travel time.

The analysis tool is available to download from GDS’ website. The aim is to share the software with the geotechnical community and help the progression towards accepted standards for these tests. The purpose of the tool is to create discussion rather than consider this the final word in automated bender element analysis. Click here to download the software.