Permeability System

Product Code : GDS-PERM

The GDS permeability system allows the user to independently control the cell, back & base pressure to perform constant head & constant flow tests though an automated system.
GDSLAB software. There are two cells types available, a purpose built 100mm cell that allows for isotropic testing, or a standard triaxial cell, which can be upgraded for anisotropic testing and to run full triaxial tests.
Key features Benefits to the user
Easily Upgradeable: The system can be easily upgraded to a fully automated triaxial system.
Each system can be configured to the customer’s specification and budget:
The user can choose the pressure controllers, triaxial cell or just parts to integrate into existing equipment to build their ideal set-up.
 Automated software control: The software directly controls the cell & back pressure, testing rate, in addition to managing all data acquisition.
Compatible with other manufacturer’s products:
If a user has existing components they can incorporate them with GDS equipment to create a system, saving expense.
Varying pressure ranges:
Standard pressure ranges of 1MPa - 4MPa.
Range of Triaxial Cells:
GDS have a range of different sized cells available for permeability testing. Specimen sizes range from 38mm up to 150mm in diameter. 
Interchangeable Pedestal & Topcap:
This reduces the costs when changing specimen sizes that are still supported by the chosen cell.  
Configurable set-up:
The system can be configured for commercial testing with several systems running from a single controlling computer, or for higher range research testing allowing for increased pressures and accuracy.
Pressure Range (MPa)

Standard 1-4

  • Bender elements (Vertical/horizontal/ S & P waves), 
  • Local strain measurement, 
  • Differential pressure transducer (for small stress constant head permeability testing). 
  • The system can be easily upgraded to a fully automated triaxial system.