Installation of Apparatus to Study Weak Rocks of the Maltese Islands

Diogo Teles a QA, Support and Installation Engineer from GDS Instruments, has recently returned from the University of Malta, where he installed an Enterprise Level Dynamic Triaxial Testing System (ELDYN), a 4MPa Triaxial Automated System (GDSTAS) and a High Pressure Triaxial Automated System (100kN / 64MPa / 100mm, HPTAS). High pressure LVDT’s and Acoustic Velocity Transducers have been purchased for the high pressure system. Whilst, Hall Effects, Bender Elements and LVDT’s have been procured to use on either the ELDYN or GDSTAS.

These highly specified apparatus will be used to study the weak rocks of the Maltese islands, specifically clays and marls. 

About The University of Malta (UM)

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Apparatus Purchased by the University of Malta