GDS Hollow Cylinder Torsional Testing Apparatus

Indian Institute of Science is India's premier research institute for science and engineering research. They purchased GDS' Hollow Cylinder Torsional Testing apparatus to help Tejas Murthy's research team when studying the complex behaviour of geomaterials from soft rocks to sands.

Assistant Professor Tejas Murthy‚Äôs research team is interested in studying the complex behaviour of a wide range of geomaterials from soft rocks to sands at multiple length scales.  The behaviour of a granular material is significantly affected by the particle morphology, packing of the ensemble, drainage conditions, cohesion between the grains, and stress conditions, including the direction and magnitude of principal stresses.  We use a combination of image based measurements, physical modelling and elemental laboratory testing to gain a clear perspective of such complex material response.  Accordingly, a large suite of constitutive models exist with different levels of complexity. However, a comprehensive understanding of material behaviour under controlled laboratory conditions is important before any prediction exercises may be begun.

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Components of Hollow Cylinder System