GDSLAB Software v.2

Product Code : GDSLAB

GDSLAB is the control and data acquisition software for geotechnical laboratory applications. GDSLAB starts with a core application known as the kernel. The GDSLAB kernel allows for data acquisition from your hardware, but no test control. Simply add the appropriate module or modules to complete the test suite functionality you require.

GDSLAB is compatible with all existing GDS equipment and furthermore key hardware from other manufacturers. Click here to check compatibility.

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  • Compatible with every GDS product since 1979.
  • Compatible with key hardware from other manufacturers (loggers, load frames etc).
  • Where computer control is not available, GDSLAB may be used to acquire data from your existing hardware then present data using GDSLAB REPORTS. 
  • Test software will not be tied to the OEM software supplied.
  • Multiple test stations from a single PC.
  • Batching of multiple tests.        
  • Change graph axes ‘on the fly'.
  • Change live test data displayed.
  • Intuitive graphical hardware configuration and transducer setup.                          
  • Only required test modules need to be purchased.            
  • Sharing of multi-channel data acquisition devices between stations.
  • Computer Interface

    Required Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or higher (We strongly recommend that Windows is fully up to date and running the latest Service Pack/Version available). Recommended PC Specification: 2GHz processor, 4GB Ram, 64Bit Operating System and USB connectivity. Note: GDS software can run on lower spec PC’s however; performance and processing of data may be affected.



    Tests supported by the GDSLAB Software v.2, software for soil testing :-

    Standards for the GDSLAB Software v.2, software for soil testing :-