GDS Small-Strain Hollow Cylinder Apparatus

Product Code : GDSHCA

The GDS Hollow Cylinder Apparatus (HCA) allows for rotational displacement and torque to be applied to a hollow cylindrical specimen of soil. Using this device it is possible to control the magnitude and direction of the three principal stresses. Studies can for example be made of the following:

  • The anisotropy of soil samples.
  • The effects of principal stress rotation.
  • The effects of intermediate principal stress.

Two versions of the HCA are available, a dynamic (HCA d) and a lower cost "static" (HCA s) version.      

Further Information:

Key features Benefits to the user
Both systems exhibit high levels of axial and torsional stiffness coupled with the minimum amount of “backlash” and friction: Resulting in both machines being well suited for small strain testing right through to high load and strain testing.
Flexibility in the capacity of the system: Specimen size, load, pressures can be chosen to ensure the system is created specifically to suit the testing required and the budget.
Balanced ram: Allows a static pressure controller to be used for cell pressures with no significant fluctuations of cell pressure during dynamic tests.
Submersible, interchangeable combined axial / torque loadcell: Measures axial load/torque with no errors introduced due to friction on the loading ram.
Cell top lift frame: For ease of use when lifting the cell top, comes as standard.
Axial Displacement Encoder


Axial Load

<0.3N (For 10kN system)

Axial/Torque Force Range

10kN/100Nm, 10kN/200Nm, 12kN/200Nm, 15kN/400Nm


700 X 700 X 1000mm (cell de-mounted), 1450mm (cell mounted), 2350mm with cell top lifting frame.

Load Range (kN)

10, 20

Operating Frequency (Hz)


Pressure Range (MPa)


Sample Sizes

100/60/200 or 200/160/400mm (OD, ID, height)

Weight Approx (kg)


  • Both systems can be provided with the same optional sample sizes, transducers, celltop counter balanced lift.
  • Optional large cell for 200mm samples to provide additional space for local instrumentation both internally and externally.
  • Optional Local strain transducers:
    • Hall effect 6mm range.
    • LVDT 5mm or 10mm range.