New Commercial Laboratory in Dubai Opens Using GDS Equipment

Having worked as a specialist in geotechnical engineering for more than 40 years. Hardev Sidhu the former Managing Director of SGC (Surrey Geotechnical Consultants) identified a demand for a specialist geotechnical testing services company within Dubai. After a year of planning and preparation, Hardev and his team opened the doors of Geotechnical Testing Consultants (GTC), an advanced geotechnical testing and consulting laboratory.

GTC specialise in using cutting-edge  computer controlled automated testing apparatus, with the ability to perform advanced testing techniques such as small strain measurement, bender elements and resonant column testing.


GDS Instruments were chosen as the sole supplier of testing apparatus for the GTC laboratory, apparatus includes....

“We chose GDS Instruments as the sole apparatus supplier because of their track record of supplying advanced testing systems, as well as the fast, efficient and friendly technical support that I have received in my 25 years of dealing with GDS.” Hardev Sidhu.

Since the laboratory opened in 2016 GTC have worked with many commercial and research laboratories and have already worked on projects such as the Meydan Towers in Dubai as well as a renewable energy project in Abu Dhabi.