GDS Constant Rate of Strain Cell (CRS in Load Frame type)

Product Code : GDSCRS

The GDS Consolidation Constant Rate of Strain cell (CRS) is designed primarily for advanced commercial testing laboratories who want to reduce the time required to complete a consolidation test. The CRS cell fits either a new GDS or existing load frame in place of a Triaxial cell.

 The load frame based one dimensional consolidation cell is capable of applying back pressure and measuring pore pressures from 1 or 3MPa (low pressure versions) to 20MPa (high pressure version). Also available with temperature control.

Further Information:
Key features Benefits to the user
Stress increments applied gradually: The advantage of this method is that the time required to complete a consolidation test can be reduced significantly.
Controlled back pressure (water) is applied to the sample and drainage is allowed through the base of the apparatus: Allows excess pore pressure to be monitored so tests can run at maximum speed and hence increase specimen throughput. 
Run the entire test from start to finish: More efficient testing as no waiting for user inputs.
Interchangeable range submersible loadcell: Enables the user to run tests on soils of different stiffness and match the load transducers accordingly, giving greater accuracy of results and seal friction does not effect load readings.
Construction material:
1MPa: Anodised aluminium with perspex outer cell wall.
3MPa: Aluminium.
20MPa: Stainless steel.
Integral cutter / sample ring: Disturbance on samples is reduced by having a cutting edge integrated into the sample confinement ring. 
Temperature Control:GDS’ Constant Rate of Strain cell is available with temperature control.
Load Range (kN)

10, 50 (Requires LF50 Frame)

Pressure Range (MPa)

1, 3, 20

Sample Sizes

50, 63.5, 70, 75, 100mm x 22mm

  • Unsaturated Testing.
  • Temperature Control.
  • Permeability Testing.
  • Open-topped CRS.
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