Soil Consolidation Testing

GDS manufactures a replacement for the hanging weights oedometer system for one-dimensional soil consolidation testing, as well as more advanced soil consolidation systems that can include back pressure control, high consolidation forces, unsaturated testing and bender elements.

Which Soil Consolidation Testing System do I need?

One-dimensional soil consolidation data is required for most geotechnical engineering projects, providing information about the rate and magnitude of soil settlement or swelling as loading conditions are changed. While the hanging weight oedometer has traditionally been employed in commercial and research laboratories to asses the consolidation of soil, options also exist that allow application of back pressure, unsaturated soil response to be investigated, and automated tests through PC control.

GDS has three soil consolidation testing systems however, consolidation tests can be run on a number of systems with GDS' SATCON test module. The three soil consolidation systems consist of an automated oedometer system, which is a replacement for the traditional hanging weights system, a fully automated consolidation testing system designed around the Rowe and Barden-type cell and a load frame-based system designed for completing consolidation tests in shorter periods than hanging weight oedometers. Upgrade options can added to all these systems. See full product information below.