University of Sharjah Invests in Cyclic Apparatus for Innovative Research Programme

GDS' Quality Manager Diogo Teles, with the support of our agent Sigma, completed the successful installation and training of a Dynamic Triaxial Testing System (DYNTTS) with a Bender Element System upgrade, at the University of Sharjah. The apparatus was tailored to meet the university's specific research requirements and will be used by their geotechnical students within their College of Engineering.

The University of Sharjah will use the DYNTTS for Cyclic Triaxial Testing of bio-cemented sand samples, building on their existing testing capability, featuring GDS’ Resonant Column and Triaxial Testing Systems (Static).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the university and our agent Sigma for their kind hospitality. We wish the University of Sharjah every success in their future endeavours and look forward to reading about the innovative research and future discoveries. 

About The University of Sharjah and the College of Engineering:

The University of Sharjah is located in the golden deserts of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, only 30km outside of Dubai's city centre. The University was established in 1997, and emphasises the importance of education as the students become "the future government, industry, and academic leaders".

The University's College of Engineering is the largest department at the university, with a wide choice of academic programs to fit a range of student's research endeavours.