Oklahoma State University Installation

During 2021, GDS introduced a remote installation solution to allow customers to set-up and operate their apparatus without the need for an installation engineer on-site. As travel restrictions start to relax, we have commenced on-site installations alongside our remote service.

Mike Bullley and Simon Harrison from GDS, have recently returned from an installation at Oklahoma State University located in Stillwater Oklahoma, USA. The University purchased a GDS Instrumented Hoek Cell with; Vertical Acoustic Velocity transducers, 1 Pair of Horizontal Acoustic Velocity transducers, 8 Acoustic Emissions sensors (to be integrated into an Acoustic Emissions setup at a later date), a 38.1mm sample set and a temperature control option (Heating Only).

GDS’ software GDSLAB, was used to manage the Hoek Cell and Acoustic Velocities acquisition systems as well as all associated parts for the temperature control system.

The University already owned a load frame and pressure controllers from other manufacturers. GDS were able to provide suitable adaptors to enable the Hoek Cell to integrate within the frame; and are looking at the possibility of integrating the pressure controllers into the GDSLAB software, to further enhance the usability of the system as a whole.

The University are planning to carry out an array of tests on varying specimens to familiarise themselves with the advanced system, before upgrading it to investigate hydraulic fracturing.

For more information about the University of Oklahoma, Click Here.