Opening of Dedicated GDS Advanced Testing Laboratory at The National Centre for Research on Earthquake Engineering, Taiwan

Clayton Dodd, Sales Director at GDS Instruments, recently visited the National Centre for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) in Taiwan. The NCREE have recently installed a dedicated advanced testing laboratory at their new laboratory in Taiwan. GDS were chosen as the exclusive supplier for the laboratory and have installed Dynamic triaxial, Static triaxial, Dynamic (Cyclic) Simple Shear and Resonant Column apparatus.

NCREE new soil laboratory was opened to the public this month. Approximately 100 visitors were treated to workshop featuring demonstrations of the new GDS testing apparatus, alongside NCREE’s large shaking table to demonstrate soil behavior under earthquake conditions for offshore foundations.

Photos from the open day.

More about the NCREE

The NCREE was founded to set up a seismic simulation laboratory to enhance and implement earthquake engineering using large-scale or foot-size static and dynamic testing methods. In addition, it also combines scholars and engineers related to earthquake engineering at home and abroad to engage in basic research and applied research on earthquake engineering, solving the earthquake-resistant problems of domestic engineering circles from theory or experiment, driving innovation in seismic engineering science and technology research, and enhancing academic research. At the same time, with the needs of pre-earthquake preparation, earthquake response, and post-earthquake reconstruction, integrating domestic academic resources, implementing integrated plans, and developing new seismic engineering technologies to reduce earthquake disaster losses is the ultimate goal.

Apparatus Supplied to NCREE