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Vacuum Controlled Specimen in 250kN Load Frame requiring no triaxial cell

GDS have a unique system for testing large samples without the use of a triaxial cell. The unsaturated sample is prepared within a specially designed compaction mould, before effective stress is applied to the sample by means of a GDS vacuum controller, which can accurately apply negative pressure between atmospheric pressure (0kPa) and -75kPa, depending on the source vacuum pump being used. This allows the sample to be consolidated with negative pore pressure and confining pressure at atmospheric. 


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Software Update: Consolidation Analysis Tool

GDS have released (Jan 2021) a new revamped version of the tool with improved usability, graphics and added features. The tool now supports consolidation data from the most common specimen types (Oedometer, Consolidometer, Triaxial, Direct Shear, Simple Shear, Ring Shear) and four widely-adopted standards (ASTM, ISO, British Standard, Australian Standard). Both Casagrande (log-time) and Taylor (root-time) graphical interpretation methods are supported.


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