Software Update: Consolidation Analysis Tool

GDS Consolidation Analysis Tool has been designed to automate and assist in the graphical analysis and interpretation of consolidation data acquired by GDSLAB, allowing the determination of the coefficient of consolidation and the shearing velocity.

GDS have released (Feb 2021) a new revamped version of the tool with improved usability, graphics and added features. The tool now supports consolidation data from the most common specimen types (Oedometer, Consolidometer, Triaxial, Direct Shear, Simple Shear and Ring Shear) and four widely-adopted standards (ASTM, ISO, British Standard and Australian Standard). Both Casagrande (log-time) and Taylor (root-time) graphical interpretation methods are supported.

The tool provides an intuitive interface that allows manual adjustments of construct lines, as well as tuning of user parameters. Results are displayed directly in the interface, and a summary of the graphical plots and results can be generated and printed, if necessary. The software update is free to all customers with GDSLAB, you just need to download the latest version of the software which, can be found here. Below is a video guide to the new release and some software screenshots.