Triaxial System Upgrade with ELTAS Solution: User LEMO

Since its launch in 2002, LEMO’s “Special Testing Division” has gradually established itself as one of the leading providers of high quality static triaxial tests on soil, for the Portuguese civil engineering industry. As their market position became stronger, LEMO faced an increasing demand for triaxial tests.

This resulted in the need of a laboratory expansion which, took place between 2002 to 2009 and led to an increase in the number of available triaxial cells from 3 to 9. This allowed CU-CDUU triaxial tests to be carried out simultaneously on three samples by means of three independent non-automated triaxial systems, relying on a common pneumatic pressure source.

In 2009, consecutive peaks of demand led to a back-log of work, which caused delays and jeopardised the fulfilment of their clients deadlines. Although this would not directly reduce overall yearly productivity, client satisfaction is of high priority for LEMO, so failure to meet deadlines could lead to the eventual reduction of tests required. It was at this point that LEMO’s administration decided to increase capacity by purchasing a new triaxial test system with three cells, allowing standardised testing of four different samples and saturation or consolidation on twelve specimens simultaneously. There were however, limitations that had to be overcome without putting at risk the accuracy of test results. Download the PDF for the full case study.

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