GDS Triaxial Automated System (GDSTAS) Technical University of Munchen (TUM)

When investigating the bearing capacity of pile foundations in danger of buckling, information on the time-dependent resistance of the surrounding soft viscous soils is essential. The aim of TUM’s research project was the examination of the lateral support of the viscous soft soil against a pile foundation. To take into account the effects of time, TUM are examining the implications of the flow of pore water and soil viscosity on the consolidation of the soil.

Oedometric compression and shearing tests under triaxial compression were used to measure the soil strain. To produce the most accurate results, tests for phases of creep under constant deviatoric stress and relaxation, as well as scaled loading tests were undertaken. The triaxial tests also included shearing under partially drained conditions, to recreate the complex interaction between the effects of viscous strain and pore water on consolidation of the soil.

The Solution

A fundamental prerequisite of the research project was the development, construction and operation of a test device, specially made to examine the behaviour of soft soils under low effective stresses in oedometric compression and triaxial shearing tests. Download the PDF file below for the full case study.

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