50kN Load Frame

Product Code : GDSLF50

The GDS 50kN load frame fulfils the role of a traditional compression/extension loading frame, but with advanced features you would expect from GDS.

A large OLED display shows current speed and displacement. The keypad can be used for stand-alone programming, or the USB interface for computer control.

Further Information:

Key features Benefits to the user
Position Control: Traditional load frames only operate in velocity control mode.  The GDS v2 load frame can also operate in displacement control mode via keypad or software.  This is useful for carrying out small strain testing, k0 and creep tests that are difficult to carry out using a frame that is only velocity controlled.
GDS Safety Watchdog: When under computer control the communication is monitored by the load frame such that if communication was lost for whatever reason (e.g. PC crash), the load frame would stop to ensure no damage to sample or transducers can occur.
Status Indicator: A status light provides a visible warning for error conditions.  For GDSLAB controlled tests the status light can indicate that user intervention is required (test over, pore pressure exceeding cell pressure etc).
Closed loop control via transducer:
 A load and/or displacement transducer can be added to the load frame to allow the frame to directly control load or displacement without software involvement.  This achieves much greater accuracies of control over closing the loop via software.
Advanced Trajectory Generator:
The version 2 load frame uses a superior trajectory generation routine.

Speed Range: 0.00001mm/min to 89.9999mm/min

Computer Interface



475mm x 360mm x 1430mm (w x d x h)

Load Range (kN)



90-240V, 50/60Hz, single phase

Sample Sizes

up to 150mm

Weight Approx (kg)


  • Digital Remote Feedback Module for closed loop control (Digi RFM).