SGS Invest in Geotechnical Testing Equipment from GDS Instruments

Recent developments in geotechnical numerical modelling has generated the requirement for more accurate and complex parameters to be available to design engineers from the laboratory. This has led to a demand in higher quality testing as well as advanced tests that 10 years ago would be considered research testing and not possible to be performed routinely in a commercial laboratory. SGS Canada Inc. Geotechnical Services have recently purchased equipment from GDS to address this requirement. SGS Canada Inc. Geotechnical Services purchased:

Triaxial Automated System

The GDSTAS is the market leading automated triaxial testing system. The system has been configured to SGS' exact testing requirements, with a toxic interface upgrade for use on contaminated samples, alongside a CBR (California Bearing Ratio) and unconfined test set-up upgrade. The system also includes two extra cells for interchangeable shearing in the frame, with pre saturation and consolidation being achieved outside of the frame. This allows three simultaneous samples to be set-up at the same time, decreasing the time to run these tests under different conditions. The system also has the flexibility to be easily upgraded further in the future should it be required. 

The GDSTAS runs automated testing & data acquisition software, allowing continual testing and easy data analysis. Interchangeable load cells enable the technician to run tests on soils of different stiffness and match the load transducers accordingly, giving greater accuracy of results. 

The GDSTAS uses GDS' new v2 50kN load frame. The load frame uses the latest technologies to allow the user more control and greater accuracy of results. Unique features to the load frame include position control, safety watchdog, status indicators, closed loop control via transducers and advanced trajectory generator. The GDS load frame and apparatus provide SGS with an accurate, automated, flexible triaxial system.

Automatic Oedometer System  

The Automatic Oedometer System (GDSAOS) chosen by SGS is the most advanced replacement for a traditional hanging weight system. The GDSAOS is a stand-alone unit with a built in screen and keypad. 

It has no requirement for compressed air and runs off the mains electricity. The system has a small footprint (220x260x485mm), which significantly reduces the bench space required, coupled with the additional advantage that loading weights are a thing of the past. With the GDSAOS only weighing 20kg the unit is portable in comparison to traditional systems.

The biggest feature of the GDSAOS is the automated logging of data. The automation saves time recording results and controlling the test. Incremental loading can be pre-programmed thus increasing sample throughput. With electro-mechanical load control providing accurate results from 1 to 10kN the GDSAOS really sets SGS apart from the competition.

Shearbase System


The third piece of apparatus SGS purchased from GDS was the Shearbase System (GDSSS). The GDSSS is an electro-mechanical shear testing device that can be configured as either a simple or direct shear apparatus. Like the GDSAOS the GDSSS is powered by electro-mechanical actuators, has a built in screen and keypad per axis, is mains powered and has been designed as a desktop apparatus.

The GDSSS comes with fully automated data acquisition software. For direct shear, once the shear gap has been set and the ram is docked, the test can complete with no further user intervention. For simple shear, once the top-cap is docked all consolidation and shearing stages can again proceed without further user intervention.

The stand-out feature of the GDSSS is the topcap fixity. Topcap fixity is essential to minimise the topcap rocking during shearing. The GDSSS uses a sophisticated system of roller linear guides to minimise interference and provide more accurate results. GDS also provide a sample preparation and topcap support apparatus to ensure no load is applied to the sample during preparation and insertion.

The GDS testing systems not only aids SGS in expanding their test offering, it becomes a game changer... the advanced features, automated software, friendly user control, accurate design features and comprehensive 5 tier support service will aid SGS in becoming the Geotechnical "Lab of Choice".