Universidad de Lima Takes Delivery of Advanced Dynamic 100kN Load Frame

The Universidad de Lima recently received an advanced 100kN dynamic load frame from GDS Instruments. The system was upgraded to perform resilient modulus testing, which enables the resilient modulus and permanent deformation of unbound base/sub-base pavement materials to be determined. The university also purchased local strain transducers to provide on-sample small strain measurements as well as a HKUST inner cell for unsaturated testing.

Piotr Dera (Geotechnical Systems Team Lead) and Steve Cummins (Commissioning & Quality Engineer) from GDS Instruments carried out the installation and training to a team of professors and students from the university. The upgrades purchased by the university mean the apparatus can be used in multiple applications from static and dynamic testing to cyclic radial stress, unsaturated testing, small strain measurement and resilient modulus to name a few.

The university are currently working on two research projects with the apparatus. One is about post-cyclic behaviour of clayey soils and the other is about fiber- reinforced soils. You can find out more details in the following links.

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GDS worked alongside one of their Peruvian agents, Professional Service Support (PSS) during the installation, who will be supporting GDS with on-going local support. More information about their services can be found at www.cpss.com.pe