Klohn Crippen Berger Laboratory Expansion

Tomasz, a GDS Installations Engineer, recently installed a Resonant Column Apparatus (RCA) with torsional shear upgrade for Klohn Crippen Berger in Vancouver, Canada.

The laboratory already has a wide range of different systems with a number of testing capabilities. This system will be used in a programme to test soil stiffness degradation curve determination, used for liquefaction assessment, for dam design risk evaluation, and many other types of testing.

Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) is an engineering, geoscience, and environmental consulting firm with offices in Canada, US, UK, Peru, Brazil, and Australia. They are involved in some of the largest, most complex engineering and geoscience projects around the world. KCB is a long-standing GDS customer, having equipped their laboratories with advanced soil mechanics systems for a number of years.

“I would like to add how impressed we (KCB lab staff) were with Tomasz, he has showed a very deep knowledge of all details of GDS machines, installation, technical support, and the theory of the soil mechanics.” Juan Garfias, Geotechnical Laboratory Manager.