California State Polytechnic University Installation

Mike Bulley a QA, Support and Installation Engineer from GDS Instruments, has recently returned from California State Polytechnic University, USA, where he installed a Temperature Controlled Advanced Dynamic Triaxial Testing System (DYNTTS).

This specific version of the DYNTTS operates at 2Hz, 25kN with a temperature controlled range of -20 to +85 degrees. The temperature controlled DYNTTS has been designed with easy access to the sample in mind. The thermal housing around the cell, simply unclips into two parts before being removed, therefore requiring just one individual to access the cell. The University will be using the apparatus to test Asphalt at varying temperatures as well as for teaching. The dynamic machine was chosen by the University to provide an advanced level of academic learning on the use of dynamic tests, in addition to traditional static triaxial tests which the apparatus can perform.

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Advanced Dynamic Triaxial Testing System