Anddes Geolab Expands Dynamic Testing Capability

Dan Zanet a Geotechnical Systems Engineer at GDS Instruments recently installed an Enterprise Level Dynamic Triaxial System (ELDYN) at Anddes Geolab, a commercial laboratory in Peru. Their ELDYN configuration is capable of performing 10kN at 10Hz and can be used with 70mm and 150mm sample sizes.

Based in Lima, Anddes Geolab provides laboratory geotechnical testing services in accordance with current national and international regulations. Their highly qualified professional and technical staff will be using the ELDYN for commercial testing projects.

The ELDYN is the first full system bought by Anddes Geolab from GDS. We wish them well with their testing and look forward to working with them in the future. For more information about Anddes Geolab you can visit their website here: