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Geoteko Case Study Using GDS Hall Effect Local Strain Transducers

GEOTEKO were required to carry out a series of triaxial tests for one of its clients to assess the samples susceptibility to liquefaction. The void ratio is one of the most important factors that affect the liquefacion phenomenon, therefore the exact determination of this parameter is very important for such tests. It is necessary to monitor the samples void ratio changes at each stage of the test.


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19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

GDS Instruments exhibited at the 19th ICSMGE conference in Seoul last month. The conference attracted 1,952 participants from 82 countries.

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Resonant Column Software Overview

Watch a demonstration of the GDS' Resonant Column Apparatus software. The video completes a three part compilation of the Resonant Column, including a system overview and details of the apparatuses torsional excitation mechanism.


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GDS have supplied apparatus to over 75% of the world’s top 50 Universities

GDS have supplied equipment to over 75% of the world’s top 50 Universities who specialise in Civil & Structural Engineering, according to the “QS World University Ranking 2017” report. 

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Riga Technical University Back Pressured Shearbox Case Study

Peteris Skels and Kaspars Bondars from Riga Technical University set out to  examine  slope stability and landslide triggering mechanisms in colluvial soil in deep river valley slopes. Most of the landslides in Latvia evolve in deep river valleys after heavy consecutive rainfall in Autumn or rapid snowmelt in Spring (Latvian Geological Survey, 2003).


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GEOLABS Laboratory Expands with GDS Apparatus

Geolabs Limited have recently implemented their laboratory expansion which has included the next phase of their advanced testing capabilities, with more Anisotropic CAU/CAD triaxial equipment featuring local strain and shear wave velocity measurements as well as Resonant Column (GDSRCA), Direct and Simple Shear (EMDCSS) and Continuous Rate of Strain Consolidation (CRS) test facilities.


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Commercial Laboratory Opens in Dubai with GDS Apparatus

Having worked as a specialist in geotechnical engineering for more than 40 years. Hardev Sidhu the former Managing Director of SGC (Surrey Geotechnical Consultants) identified a demand for a specialist geotechnical testing services company within Dubai. After a year of planning and preparation, Hardev and his team opened the doors of Geotechnical Testing Consultants (GTC), an advanced geotechnical testing and consulting laboratory.


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Video Overview of GDS' Advance Dynamic Triaxial Testing System

Luke Valvona, Pre-Sales Engineer at GDS Instruments talks through the features and benefits of GDS' Advanced Dynamic Triaxial Testing System (DYNTTS).


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Video: Hydraulic Load Frames for Soil and Rock

Overview of GDS' Range of Hydraulic Loading Frames (HLF). The frames have a hydraulic dynamic actuator mounted on the cross beam for axial stress/strain cyclic dynamic loading. The load frames are available in 100kN, 250kN and 1500kN loads.


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