Structural Soils Laboratory - Bristol, UK

Structural Soils has worked with GDS for over 10 years, their laboratory in Bristol is presently equipped with a range of GDS products for soil consolidation or swelling and static or dynamic triaxial testing under saturated conditions. These include:

  •  Low- and high-pressure Automated Oedometer Systems
  •  Triaxial Automated Systems with 50 kN load frames 
  •  Dynamic Triaxial Systems  (10 kN & 10 Hz)
  •  Mid-plane porewater pressure transducers (1.5 MPa & 3.5 MPa) 
  •  Local Strain transducers (LVDT & Hall effect)
  •  Bender Element Systems (vertical, horizontal, S and P waves) 
  •  Triaxial cells, external & internal (submersible) load cells, pneumatic and pressure–volume controllers, and accessories.