Pressure / Volume Controllers: Geodomiki

Geodomiki are a commercial testing laboratory for soil and rock mechanics. They were looking to expand their existing customer base and increase the number of tests they were able to perform. After consultation with Neotek(GDS Instruments agent in Greece) it was decided that if they could automate the testing procedures, they would free up time and resources to carry out additional and new tests, as well as improving the testing accuracy.

The Solution

The product chosen to automate Geodomiki existing Triaxial systems, was GDS Instruments Standard Pressure / Volume Controller.  “We purchased GDS equipment to reliably respond to the challenge of our customers“, says Thomas Tassios, Geotechnical Engineer at Geodomiki.

The STDDPC, typically operating at 3MPa/200cc, provides a cost-effective direct replacement for conventional soil mechanics laboratory pressure sources and volume change gauges. The device has its own computer interface and can be controlled directly from a computer. It is ideal as a back pressure source where it can also measure the change in volume of the test specimen. In stand-alone mode, the device can replace traditional laboratory pressure sources such as mercury column, compressed air, pumped oil and dead weight devices. It is also a volume change gauge resolving to 1 cu mm. To see the results and read the rest of the case study please download the PDF file.

Click here to download the case study.

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