High Pressure Triaxial Cells: Trilab Pty Ltd

Triaxial testing is a fundamental service that Trilab offer their clients. Trilab's laboratories house a total of 18 triaxial frames, which cater for specimen diameters of 50, 63, 75, 85 and 100 mm. All 18 Triaxial units have automated data acquisition and pore pressure measurement, can be run concurrently, and to a maximum confining pressure of 3,500 kPa. As Trilab have expanded over the years they have had to procure more apparatus, in particular triaxial cells, which are compatible with their existing equipment, at high pressure and with excellent reliability.

The Solution

GDS Instruments triaxial cells were the choice of Trilab, and are currently used for the 2,000 triaxial tests performed each year within Trilabs laboratory. "Trilab prefers GDS triaxial cells due to their high machining precision, which is especially noticeable in the gliding operation of the internal ram" says Gavin Hamilton, Chairman. To read the rest of the case study please download the PDF file.

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