Interface Shear Tester

Product Code : GDSIST

The Interface Shear Tester is a CRS consolidation cell with the additional ability that the base pedestal may infinitely rotate. The internal load cell measures both the axial force on the specimen as well as the torque generated.

The system is designed to test the shear interface between the sample and the top-cap.  Customers may bond specific materials to the top-cap for testing.

Further Information:

Key features Benefits to the user
Interface friction studies: The most common uses for the GDSIST include studies of interface friction, for example between geomembranes, pipline footings and natural materials.
Load cells: Low range load cell for accurate low stress testing of axial load and torque.
Stainless steel: Available in stainless steel for corrosive sample testing.
Internal submersible load cell: This allows the user to measure friction between the sample and material without errors being introduced by the seal friction on the ram.
Compact: Small laboratory footprint.
GDS force actuators for axial stress: Accurate electro-mechanical control of axial force and displacement with keypad + display for local control.

1 off vertical, 1 off torsional

Axial Force Accuracy


Axial/Torque Force Range

1kN/10Nm, 2.5kN/25Nm, 5kN/50Nm, 5kN/200Nm

Computer Interface


Load Range (kN)



Table top frame: 240V, Control systems: 100-240V~1.6A MAX

Pressure Range (MPa)


Sample Sizes

70, 60, 63.5, 67, x 22mm

  • Larger Range Load cells available.