Environmental Triaxial Automated System

Product Code : ETAS

The Environmental Triaxial Automated System (ETAS) is a temperature controlled load frame-based triaxial testing system. Key features include, Frozen Soil Testing, Gas Hydrate Testing, High Pressure Testing and High & Low Temperature Testing.

The -30oC cooling system provides ideal conditions for frozen soil testing. Its high pressure testing capability (up to 100MPa) along with low temperature provides the ideal environment for Gas Hydrate Testing. The system also has the option for a Heating only system.

Further Information:

Key features Benefits to the user
Heating & Cooling Options: 
-20oC  to +65oC
-30oC  to +85oC
-30oC  to +100oC
The cooling system uses a coiled tube section inside the cell, this is connected through the standard ports within the cell base to a glycol cooling unit allowing temperature transfer close to the specimen.
Optional Heating Only System:
Ambient to 60oC
Ambient to 100oC
The heating system works by using thermal pads attached to the outside of the triaxial cell which, is then enclosed within an environmental chamber to retain the heat. There are up to 4 temperature sensors relaying back to the control box for enhanced temperature accuracy.
High Pressure (Up to 100MPa):
High Pressure combined with low temperature make it ideal for Gas Hydrate testing.
Gas Hydrate Testing (Gaseous back pressures): 
The ETAS can be adapted for gaseous back pressures such as Air, Carbon Dioxide,  Nitrogen or Methane for Gas Hydrate testing.
Frozen Soil Testing:
Cooling to -40oC provide ideal conditions for frozen soil testing.
Load Range (kN)

50, 100, 250, 400, 500, 1000

Pressure Range (MPa)

14, 20, 32, 64 (Alternatives available on request)

Sample Sizes

38mm – 300mm

  • Bender Elements, 
  • Unsaturated Testing, 
  • Local Strain Transducers 
  • Gaseous Back Pressures.