Bellofram Rolling Diaphragm

Product Code : BRD

The rolling bellofram is available in a range of sizes. When ordering please have details of the system which the bellofram will be fitted in.
Generally used in either the Bishop and Wesley 38/50mm cell (7kN) or the 100mm Bishop and Wesley cell (25kN).  Please state which cell when ordering.
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38/50 Bishop & Wesley Cell: 2 ½ inch inside diameter, 3 ½ inch outside diameter, 2 ¼ inch piston daimeter, Approximate height 1 inch, 0.02 inch thickness. 70/100mm Bishop & Wesley Cell: 6 ½ inch inside diameter, 8 ½ inch outside diameter, 6 ¼ inch piston diameter, Height 3 inches, 0.035 inch thickness.