Back Pressure Shearbox - High Pressure

Product Code : HPBPS

The High Pressure Back Pressure Shearbox (HPBPS) is a high pressure, high load version of our standard back pressure shearbox which, is able to perform direct shear tests with precise back pressure control, for the direct control and measurement of realistic slope failure. The device can load the sample to 100kN axially and 75kN in shear whilst also being capable of applying up to 10MPa back pressure.
Key features Benefits to the user
Realistic slope stability conditions: Conditions can be applied by accurately controlling the normal force, shear force and back pressure.
Highly accurate displacement measurement: For very small yet long term creep movements to be measured.
Direct shear testing: Allow direct shear tests to be performed under closely controlled conditions in terms of axial load and back pressure.
10MPa stainless steel cell: For back pressure control and pore pressure measurement.
Provide accurate results whilst working at high loads: Up to 100kN axial and 75kN shear load.
Computer Interface


Load Range (kN)

100 Axial, 75 Shear

Operating Frequency (Hz)

Quasi Static (capable of slow speed cyclic testing, periods around 5 minutes).

Pressure Range (MPa)


Sample Sizes

50 or 100mm diameter cylindrical x 50mm high