Advanced High Pressure/Volume Controller - Corrosive Fluid Version

Product Code : HPDPC-H

The GDS High Pressure Syringe Pumps are positive displacement pumps that have been developed from the proven pressure controller range that GDS Instruments have been making for over 40 years. The HPDPC-H version has been enhanced with features that are ideal for core testing and reservoir analysis. These include flow rate control, enhanced resolution and the use of high corrosion resistance Hastelloy. With the ability to operate in pressure, volume or flow control modes, either directly from the keypad or remotely via software, the HPDPC-H is a versatile and simple to use pump.


Key features Benefits to the user
Hastelloy barrel, piston and transducer: A superalloy, Hastelloy has outstanding resistance to highly oxidizing and reducing agents, making it a great choice for severe corrosive environments.
5 part composite carbon filled PTFE seals and FFKM o-rings:
Corrosion resistant seals way beyond what any rubbers can resist.
Bi-metallic anti-abrasive aluminium-bronze guidance ring: Although all wetted parts of the controller are Hastelloy, the important components that are required to ensure free running and long life of the controller are still designed in around the Hastelloy components.
Increased resolution of volume change as standard: The increased resolution allows extremely slow flow rates to be resolved.
Externally mounted Hastelloy/ceramic pressure transducer: Being externally mounted means it can be easily flushed/cleaned.
Controllers can be used with different fluids:
Suitable for a wide range of applications in varied fields like petrochemical applications, EOR, reaction feed, alternative fuels, biomass, etc.