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Case Study: Gas Hydrate Resonant Column

As part of a European research programme (HYDRATECH), a specially designed Resonant Column Apparatus (RCA) was constructed by GDS Instruments for the University of Southampton, to provide conditions suitable for hydrate growth (low temperature and high pressure).


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GDS Exhibit at GeoVancouver 2016

GDS exhibited alongside their Canadian representatives Hoskin Scientific, at the recent GeoVancouver conference on "History & Innovation".

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GDS Luanch New Hydraulic Load Frame Range

GDS are excited to launch their new range of hydraulic load frames for soil & rock testing. The range is available from 100kN to 1.5MN, encompassing our latest design and technology.


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Case Study: Hollow Cylinder Apparatus

Marine soft clay with weak engineering properties, is widely distributed in Southeast China. As the most developed area in China, Zhejiang has a vast transportation infrastructure including highways, roads, railways and airport runways which have been constructed on the marine clay. With long-term vehicle loading, excess settlement tends to occur on the existing infrastructure. In order to reveal these effects on the marine clay caused by vehicle loading, and to predict future settlement, research was undertaken by Wenzhou University.


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Macmillan Coffee and Cake Morning

GDS held a coffee and cake fund raiser this month, with over £150 being donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. The morning included a cake making competition which, was won by Jeff Gray from our design team. Well done Jeff and all those who contributed to the morning.

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September's Exhibitions

September has been a month of exhibitions for GDS. With exhibitions in Australia, Germany and France, read how the team got on below.

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Case Study: Temperature Controlled Stress Path Testing

The stress path test is commonly used to simulate the changing mechanical properties of soils, whilst under varying stresses. Research in this area, within China and abroad has gradually increased. The static triaxial apparatus based on the Bishop Wesley principle is widely accepted. However, in reality, the stress change of soil is usually accompanied by changes in the environment.


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Take Advantage of the Weak Pound

Take advantage of the weak pound! Since June, the pound has dropped over 10% in value against the Dollar & EURO. Resulting in favorable pricing for our international customers.

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Download a Copy of our Latest Rock Brochure

Download the latest copy of our rock brochure. Read about our advanced Acoustic Emission and Acoustic Velocity transducers, our Instrumented Hoek Cell and our new range of hydraulically actuated load frames.

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Case Study: Dynamic Back Pressured Shear Box

The Tuaheni Landslide Complex (TLC) is  located on the upper slope of the Hikurangi Margin, off the East Coast of the North Island,  New Zealand. They have developed novel laboratory-based testing  using gravity core samples from within the TLC and a Dynamic Back-Pressured Shearbox  (DBPSB) from GDS Instruments to replicate offshore slope conditions.


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