The World’s Most Advanced Portable Laboratory

SA Geolab International (SAGeo), are proud to launch the worlds most advanced portable laboratory. Situated in a 20ft DNV shipping container the laboratory can to be located anywhere in the world.

 The portable laboratory is equipped with: 

The container can be adapted for customers specific testing requirements, including torvane, lab vane, fall cone, oven etc. 


Syed Ahmad Al-Habsyi, Managing Director at SAGeo says, “We have identified a gap in the market for an advanced portable testing laboratory. The laboratory can operate on a vessel or any onshore location in the world, including remote outback areas. We currently have one container and of course it is subject to availability. However, we have room to set up another laboratory, should there be demand. We can customise the laboratories to meet our client requirements, including a temperature controlled laboratory refrigerated container, that can operate at 4oC if required.”