"The Instrumental" By Tanya Rappolt

Located in our sales reception, hangs a piece of stunning artwork crafted by Tanya Rappolt, an administrator at GDS.

"The Instrumental is my interpretation of the equipment GDS manufacture and what the company represents. I have incorporated colours synonymous with GDS and the wider geotechnical field. Textures have been created using components from our apparatus. The shapes represent bubbles of air and water moving within the cells and I've used cables to connect everything together. Any form of art is a personal interpretation of how someone sees things; this is how I see GDS." Tanya Rappolt.

From everyone here at GDS, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Tanya for this creative masterpiece. The fabulous use of colours, different textures combined with a resin finish has produced a stunning piece, that will be the centrepiece of our new reception area.