September's Exhibitions

September has been a month of exhibitions for GDS. With exhibitions in Australia, Germany and France, read how the team got on below.

September has been a month of exhibitions for GDS. The month started with ISC'5, the 5th International Conference on Geotechnical & Geophysical Site Characterisation in Queensland, Australia. GDS exhibited alongside their Australian agent, Australian Calibrating Services (ACS) and were also visited by their Malaysian agent Mr Ang. The conference had a good international attendance with the 250 delegates coming from all corners of the world. 

During the conference a competition was running for which GDS donated the book, Soil Mechanics in Engineering Practice – 9 Nov 2010 by Karl Terzaghi. This was won by Ahmad Bagbag, a PhD research student from the University of Western Australia. We appreciate it was busy on the stand at times, so if we weren’t available to answer your queries, please contact us at 

From Queensland we travelled to Germany for the “34. Baugrundtagung”, the German Geotechnical Society conference. GDS exhibited alongside their German agent MTT Hirsch. On their exhibition stand GDS showcased their popular Electro-mechanical Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear Apparatus (EMDCSS).

From Germany GDS journeyed to France to join their French agent Sols Mesures, where they jointly exhibited at the E-UNSAT conference in Paris. On the stand GDS were providing demonstrations on their HKUST inner cell and Wet Wet transducer.  GDS would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who hosted and supported GDS during these exhibitions and to those customers who we were able to meet along the way. 

Pictured above is Clayton Dodd, Sales Director at GDS, Mr Ang our Malaysian agent, John Powell of Geolabs and Tom Lunne of NGI. GDS’ next exhibition will be GEOVancouver in Canada on the 2nd – 5th of October.