GDS Launch New 128kN & 256kN Static Load Frames

GDS has re-designed and upgraded two of it static load frames. The new 128kN and 256kN load frames will replace our existing 100kN and 250kN models respectively. The load frames have enhanced position/velocity accuracy, direct load control and improved stiffness while still fulfilling the role of a traditional velocity controlled load frame.

Optional Closed Loop Feedback Control Using Digital Remote Feedback Module

Typically, velocity controlled load frames are used with no transducer feedback as the velocity is set and considered to be correct (open loop). Using GDSLAB control and data acquisition software the load frames can be controlled under a closed loop via the software (the software reads the appropriate transducer from a data acquisition device, and the software sends commands to the load frame to achieve particular targets for that external transducer). This can work extremely well and allows a velocity controlled load frame to successfully be used for accurate strain controlled tests where the measurement of strain is closer to the sample thus removing system compliance, or load/stress controlled tests as routine. The next logical level is to create closed loop control of either displacement or load (or both) within the load frame. GDS has developed this into an elegantly engineered enhancement, which is the Remote Feedback Module (RFM). The RFM enables the output of a number of external transducers to be measured and displayed by the load frame and via software. It also enables the load frame platen to be controlled directly from the feedback of the external transducer.

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