BAM Ritchies Invests in Mobile Laboratory Testing

BAM Ritchies, the award winning Ground Engineering Division of BAM Nuttall, have recently upgraded their consolidation testing capability at their principal laboratory to include GDS’ Automatic Oedometer System (GDSAOS). The GDSAOS, is the modern replacement for a traditional hanging weight oedometer. The self-contained stepper motor driven unit can be controlled either manually using its Smart Keypad or from a PC using the USB interface.

The GDSAOS is a stand-alone unit (with no requirement for compressed air). Having a small footprint significantly reduces the bench space required, coupled with the additional advantage that loading weights are not required; bringing a significant reduction in manual handling issues previously associated with the test. These benefits will also allow BAM Ritchies to transport the apparatus from their principal laboratory to a site/alternative laboratory facility if project scope required, thus reducing sample disturbance through transportation and the overall time it takes to run a test. 

“Bam Ritchies undertake approximately 300 laboratory testing projects per year and deliver all types of materials testing on the UK’s major projects; reducing time and improving efficiency for those projects that require testing was key when sourcing innovation and choosing the right apparatus.” Billy O’Hara, Laboratory Quality Manager at Bam Ritchies.

About BAM Ritchies
BAM Ritchies is a leading award winning geotechnical company providing fully integrated digital ground engineering services, including ‘design and construct’, for government organisations, local authorities, main contractors, utilities and public / private companies. Our worldwide reputation is based on innovative solutions to complex geotechnical problems with reliable delivery by a large highly skilled and well-equipped workforce.
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