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GDS Case Study: Cadia Valley Operations Northern Tailings Storage Facility Embankment Slump

During the afternoon of the 9th of March 2018, a mobile slump occurred in an approximately 300 m section of the southern embankment of the Cadia Valley Operations (Cadia) Northern Tailings Storage Facility (NTSF), located in central-west New South Wales, Australia. The embankment slump resulted in a release of tailings from the NTSF, with the released tailings captured within the adjacent South Tailings Storage Facility (STSF).


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GDS Exhibit at Geotechnica 2021

GDS has finally ventured beyond their PC’s as Clayton, Krystle and George exhibited at Geotechnica, at the Warwickshire Event Centre. This is an annual trade event aimed at promoting Geotechnical Services, which encompasses Instrumentation, Laboratory Services, Ground Preparation and Drilling Services – bringing disparate industry sections together under (and outside) one roof.

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