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This month in Géotechnique: Calibration exercise of a GDS Hardin-type resonant column

The technical note, starting on page 171 of the February 2018 issue, provides information on a proposed calibration routine for a GDS Hardin-type resonant column. In contrast, the GDS Stoke type resonant column has a much more industry wide agreed calibration procedure, principally due to the fact that it is a true fixed-free configuration.

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Consolidation Constant Rate of Strain with the option of temperature control

Consolidation Constant Rate of Strain (CRS) apparatus is available with low pressure or high pressure cells. The CRS system now has the option to add temperature control to the apparatus.

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Careers at GDS

Due to further expansion, we have two new career opportunities at GDS. So if you are looking for a new challenge, have practical experience with geotechnical engineering apparatus, apply today.

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