Wet Wet Differential Pressure Transducer Kit

Product Code : WWDIF

GDS’ Wet-wet differential pressure transducer kit is available in 50kPa and 200kPa differential ranges as standard, accepting line pressure up to 10MPa. Mounted on a polished stainless steel plate with a 4-way crossover valve; this allows for safe filling/de-airing with high and low sides of the transducer connected, as well as offering a simple single valve adjustment to isolate the transducer during a test should the effective stress used in the system need to be increased higher than the differential range.

 These wet-wet transducers are most commonly connected directly to the back pressure controller in triaxial systems via a Digi RFM (As shown in the picture opposite). This allows direct measurement and control of the effective stress.  This is particularly useful in tests where the total stresses are significantly higher than the effective stress.

The transducer can also be supplied for logging only with cable and electrical connection to any GDS data interface.
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