Pneumatic Controller

Product Code : GDSPPC

The GDS pneumatic controller is an economical source of computer controlled regulated air pressure control. The controller regulates an external pressure source such as a compressor or compressed air cylinder to provide a controlled output pressure.
The control of the valves is via the Serial bus (RS232) from the PC and software.
Key features Benefits to the user
Built in pressure transducer measures the air pressure: The result is a compact, neat, self-contained unit.
Pressure measurement from the system is sent via a separate datalogger to the PC: 10V output signal can be connected to most existing data loggers.
Automated control: The automated control of the pneumatic controller allows the user to run and log a series of tests without having to be continually monitoring or manually adjusting the pressure.
The pneumatic controller is available as either a 1 or 2 channel controller: Two channel units are a very efficient way of replacing existing cell and back pressure manual regulators. 
Calibration certificate: The pneumatic controller is calibrated at GDS, and is supplied with a certificate. No user adjustment to the hardware is necessary.
Media that can be used with pneumatic controllers:
: Nitrogen.
: Air.
: Argon.
: Helium.
: Most inert gases.
Data acquisition system:
The pneumatic controller require a data acquisition unit. This connects to the valve within the controller to record the pressure reading which, allows the pressure target to be set.
Computer Interface



600mm, 230mm, 100mm

Pressure Range (MPa)

1MPa, 2MPa or 3MPa.

Weight Approx (kg)